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No Joy in Arlington?

Posted in Baseball by Rick on the September 27th, 2013

Most who know me know that I am a faithful Rangers Fan.  I watch every game that I can, and go to games often to support the team. Out of the 162 games the Rangers played this year, I guess I watched 150 or more of them.  So to say I am disappointed in Ron Washington’s comment the other day is an understatement.

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In an interview with Hardball Talk, Wash said, “I don’t see a lot of joy in Arlington.”  What?  Are you kidding me Ron?!   On August 23rd, the Rangers had a 3 ½ game Division lead over the Oakland A’s.  Since that time the Rangers have lost 18 games and won only 9.  During that time, the Rangers handed their best pitcher, Yu Darvish, 2 losses because they could not score a single run.  This made Darvish the first pitcher in the MLB to have a season high of 4, 0-1 losses in a single year.  The Rangers have not only lost the 2nd division title in as many years because of a September melt down, they have no control now over even getting a wild card spot.  We need for Cleveland and/or Tampa to lose before we have a chance.   And let’s not even go back to the stunning loss to St. Louis that took our first chance for a World Series Title away from us.

On Tuesday, when I was at the game, there were over 43,000 fans still supporting the Rangers in the stands.  This is the second year in Ranger history that attendance has exceed the 3 million mark, and even though the  odds are seriously against the Rangers at this point I would venture to say that we still love our team.  If we have no joy in Arlington, then who is to blame for that?  It certainly is not the fans.  In contrast, Tampa is almost a sure thing for the Wild card spot, and their attendance was less than 20,000 on Tuesday.  What do you expect from us Ron?

I can tell you what we expect?  Respect, that we are still on your side.

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