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I must be Insane!

Posted in Personal Growth,Satire by Rick on the October 13th, 2010


Einstein was right – I am insane

Trying to learn Spanish – again

1st attempt: 3 years in Panama + 2 years Junior High
What I learned: uno, dos, tres . . .

2nd attempt: 2 years high school
What I learned: Hola, como esta usted

3rd attempt: Retail CD courses (3 of them)
What I learned: Buenos Dias, Como se llama

4th attempt: Berlitz class
What I learned: Eschuchar y repetir

5th attempt: 1 year in home Personal tutor
What I learned: Esto es muy cara

Ongoing effort: 35+ years living in Texas + 4 trips to Mexico
What I have learned: Donde esta el bano

Latest attempt: Rosetta Stone
What I have learned so far: Debo estar loco

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