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Taking America and the World Out of Poverty

Posted in Satire by Rick on the April 2nd, 2010

Left vs Right

Now that the Health Care bill is law, there have been many who claim that certain portions of the bill are unconstitutional. This belief has sparked many states, including Texas, to join a growing effort to challenge the constitutionality of this law in the US Supreme Court.

Specifically, the charges are, that the US Government does not have the constitutional power to require every citizen to purchase health insurance. Many believe that the Commerce clause of the Constitution does not reach this far, others believe it does.

If it turns out that the US Supreme Court upholds the Health Care bill as constitutional, and agrees that the Government has the power to require every one to purchase health insurance or face a fine, then that ruling opens up a significant opportunity for this country to lift itself from the bonds of poverty. The possibility exists that in the future every citizen of the US (and ultimately the world) could become independently wealthy.

Here is my plan to eliminate poverty from this great nation and the world:

The government, acting under the the expanded reach of the Commerce Clause, should pass a law requiring every parent to purchase a life insurance policy of at least $1,000,000 for each of their dependent children. The exception, of course, would be those who already have enough money to be able to put $1 million in a trust without the need to purchase a policy. If the parent is unable to afford such a policy, the government could supplement the cost of the policy from savings described later. Upon the death of the parent, the $1,000,000 would immediately pass into a trust fund for the beneficiary child, and begin drawing interest at a regulated rate of no less than 4%.

The beneficiary child would be able to draw only the interest from this trust, never touching the principal. Upon the death of the beneficiary child, the principal would automatically pass to the beneficiary’s dependent children to be added to the additional $1,000,000 policy the beneficiary child was required to purchase for his/her dependent child, increasing the amount from $1 million to $2 million. This pattern would continue from generation to generation.

This result of this plan would be tremendous. First, after only 1 generation, every child in America would immediately begin receiving a $40,000 per year for life cash benefit to supplement their regular income. Instantly, poverty will disappear.

As the next generation begins, the benefit amount would increase to $80,000 per year for life per child, followed by $120,000 per child the next generation, and so on indefinitely.

A side benefit of this program is that the unemployment rate would be dramatically reduced as more and more people become independently wealthy. With enough money, no one would have to work, and of course, when the income level increases and fewer people need to work for a living, the amount of unemployment benefits would begin to reduce, saving the government millions of dollars each month which could be applied to the growing deficit and to supplement those who are financially incapable of purchasing the policy on their own.

Further, the problem of Social Security going broke would also be eliminated. The government could pass a law gradually reducing the amount of benefits being paid out by Social Security based upon the income of the recipient, ultimately eliminating the need for Social Security all together. This savings could again be applied to the national debt, further reducing it. Ultimately the saving from unemployment and Social Security alone could eliminate the national debt within just a couple of generations, bringing this country back to a rock solid fiscal stability.

Also, because more and more people will now be receiving income, The government would begin to see an increased amount of money being collected from income taxes, allowing the government to freely implement additional national programs for the benefit and well being of this nation. And, of course, when a person passes on without having a beneficiary child to receive the inheritance, the entire sum would pass directly to the government and be used to further reduce the National Debt.

The world would be in awe of our status and I am sure that eventually the rest of the world will look upon this plan and begin implementing a similar one in their own country to reap the benefits we are seeing in the US.

And when the rest of the world begins to see how prosperous we have become, and starts implementing the plan themselves, eventually poverty around the globe will be eliminated for ever.

If nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for my ideas, I promise to donate the entire sum to be applied to the National Debt. If the world insists on recognizing me for my humanitarian efforts anyway, perhaps a simple, yet prominent statue could be erected in my honor. I wish only for the prosperity of all.

Wake up America!!

To Your Success,


The (Right vs Left ) vs the Loons

Posted in Personal Opinion by Rick on the April 1st, 2010

Left vs Right

The passage of the Health Care bill has ignited a nationwide rift between the liberal left and the conservative right, to say the least. Lets get this out right away, so there is no misunderstanding form where I speak. I consider myself a conservative, a Regan conservative to be more precise.

With that said, I believe we have a few things to consider with regard to the media attention, both positive and negative, that is surrounding this debate. Clearly there is great passion on both sides and unfortunately some have gone “Over the Top” in attempting to get their voice heard.

This country has been built on, and is grounded in, the concept of “Peaceful Dissent”. Each of us has a 1st amendment right to freedom of speech as part of our heritage and citizenship. But the operative word here is “Peaceful”.

Unfortunately, there are really 4 distinct groups in this country. Those who believe the Health Care Bill is bad for our country (The conservative right), those who believe it is good for our country (The liberal left), those who don’t believe anything about the bill or are undecided (The apathetic middle), and finally the crazy loons who think spitting, throwing bricks, threatening congressmen/women, and advocating violence is an acceptable way to voice one’s opinion (The criminally insane).

Notice that the crazy loons are, in my opinion, neither liberal, conservative, or apathetic, but in a group by themselves. We need to stop associating the actions of this group as being part of any of the other groups. True Americans in this country believe in the right to peacefully voice opinion and do not retaliate against those with different ideas and beliefs with criminal actions and violence. If you think violence is the only way to get your point across you are weak minded, uneducated, deranged, a citizen of another country, or all of the above.

I support the efforts of the “Tea Party”. Perhaps you don’t. If so, I believe you have that right as a citizen of this country. But the media seems to be focusing its attention on the loons who claim to be on the conservative right when in fact these idiots have no idea of what the conservative right really stands for. Although less attention is being given to the loons who claim to be a part of the liberal left, those idiots also have no idea of what the liberal left is all about. So lets position these violent dissenters in the group they really belong to, neither left, right, or neutral, but the criminally insane.

I think there are a couple of things we can do as a nation to get this country back on track. First, if you support the Health Care bill and want to voice your opinion in a big way, create a liberal movement similar to what the conservatives have done and “peacefully” demonstrate in a way that will rally the folks who support that position to action. No sincere and honest conservative will criticize you for doing that. In fact, they will openly support the opportunity to have constructive debate on any subject you support, including the Health Care bill. But the weapon we have available to us is not a brick, but a vote at the ballot box. And if you choose not to exercise your right to vote, you give up your right to complain (well not really, but you know what I mean).

And Secondly, lets get behind an amendment that will create term limits for Congressmen/women and Senators. It seems that making a career out of politics is causing many of our elected officials to be obligated to too may deals, lobby groups, campaign supporters, etc. resulting in their inability to clearly vote their heart, and most importantly for their constituents, for whom they represent. I’d like to go on explaining why I feel this is important, but this subject is really for a different blog.

We have reached an historic milestone this year. Good or bad, Health Care is now the law. If you want to keep it, get off your behind and vote when the time comes. If you want to get rid of it, get off your behind and vote when the time comes. Stop the nonsense and lets get on with the debate, respectfully and peacefully!!

To Your Success,