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Posted in Personal Opinion by Rick on the February 10th, 2010

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Okay, let’s agree that Toyota, the number 1 car maker in the world, made a few errors in the manufacture of their vehicles. But I think this is now getting a little out of hand. Every day the news is reporting a new story on the latest vehicles from Toyota that are being recalled. Now today, I guess the press has decided that Toyota has had enough brow beating, and its time to move on to Honda, the # 2 car maker.

I believe that this is a plot to destroy the strangle hold that the Japanese auto makers have on the American auto industry and to provide a boost to the American auto makers. And, I for one, think it is atrocious action by our media with, I believe, encouragement from our administration.

It wasn’t enough that GM, Ford, and Chrysler ignored the public for 30 years and continued to make inferior cars, but when the economy crashed, our Government decided that it would not be in the best interest of the country to let them fail. So our Government gave them huge amounts of our money to prop them up. But guess what, sales are still not acceptable. So what do we do now? I know, let’s destroy the reputation of the top 3 auto makers and see if the public will be wooed into returning to the American auto makers. Yeah, yeah that’s the ticket!!

Don’t believe me? Come on, have you seen any of this in the news:

• Ford is recalling 4.5 million vehicles for cruise control malfunctions which could cause a fire
• GM is recalling 950, 000 Chevy Cobalts for Power Steering problems which have caused 11 accidents including 1 death
• Another 857,000 vehicles for short circuits on a printed circuit board that could cause electrical failures
• And still another 277,000 vehicles for shift lever problems
• Cadillac is recalling 27,000 cars for fuel system problems
• Another 12,500 vehicles for failing to conform to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety standards regarding crash protection
• Chevrolet is recalling 31,000 Corvettes for roofs that may fly off
• Chrysler is recalling 24,000 vehicles due to defects in the braking system
And this list goes on.

Let’s get off this road and get back to getting our economy back on track. Almost all of the vehicles sold in America by Toyota, Honda, and Nissan, are built right here in this country. So destroying these companies do nothing but contribute to more unemployment and trouble for our economy.

Let the American car industry pay for their failure to deliver on what the American public wanted. Let them struggle to regain the leadership role they once had. Let capitalism work. Let them once again compete to win.

The American people are not stupid. They will always put their dollars where the value is. That’s why capitalism works. When American car manufactures begin delivering value, they will rise again. Until then, enough with giving them my money and creating artificial demand for inferior products.

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