My Thoughts by Rick Stephens

Is It Time to Lose Your Dream?

Posted in Customer Service,General Business by Rick on the November 10th, 2008


We all have dreams. Dreams are the foundation to success. I tell people all the time that when they lose the vision of their dream, they have stepped onto the path of failure. I have a slogan that says,”Restore your vision and live your dream”. I would never tell someone to give up their dream, because dreams are what our future is made from.

Did I say “Never”? That’s something else I avoid saying, “Never.” So perhaps I should rephrase my comment to “I would rarely tell someone to give up their dream.” So now that we can accept that I might tell someone to give up their dream, what would be the “Rare” circumstance that would cause me to do that?

This is certainly not an easy concept to swallow, so let me clarify by saying, “There might be times when you should re-focus your vision so that you see your dream differently.” Let me explain. Suppose you have a dream to build your business into the next Microsoft. With a keyboard in front of you and a blank document open on your monitor, you begin to think about all the money you will have once this new piece of software hits the market. But what software? All you have is a blank document on your monitor. Without a vision of how you can offer your customers something significantly better than what is already available, your dream to become the next Microsoft is unachievable.

So perhaps for now, you should lose the dream of becoming the next Microsoft and re-focus your dream on developing something that will be a revolutionary benefit to the world. Do you think that when Bill Gates was talking about building an operating system for IBM, he was thinking “Wow, if I get this deal I will become the richest man in the world”? Probably not, but I suspect he thought this would be a significant opportunity to offer the world something they have never seen before, something that could revolutionize their lives for the good.

It’s impossible to cross an ocean without first thinking about how you will cross it. It is also impossible to build a Microsoft without first thinking of how you can benefit your customers. This brings me to my point. You won’t become the next Microsoft if you are not focused on your customer. So let me suggest that in some cases, maybe yours, you should lose the dream of becoming the next Microsoft and begin to dream about how you can bring value to your customers. When your customers receive value from your products or services, your company will grow. The more value you bring to your customers the bigger you will grow. Bring enough value to you customers and you could become the next Microsoft.

To Your Success,