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Posted in Personal Growth by Rick on the January 4th, 2007

Children DreamingHappy New Year everyone. I hope that you had a restful holiday season and have prepared yourself for a productive and prosperous new year.

I apologize for the unusual delay since my last post, but I was also enjoying the holidays, reflecting on the year gone by, and planning for the coming year.

As I was relaxing on the beach in Curacao, (Yes, I was gone for awhile on vacation) I began to think about my goals and objectives for the coming year. As I did so, I began to reflect on the concept of time and how uncontrollable it is. Each year, many of us make New Year resolutions, some that are realistic and some not so realistic, but often those resolutions quickly become lost as life, work, and obligations begin to consume our days.

I don’t want to lecture you on the traditional topic about keeping your resolutions and annual goal setting. I think most of you reading this have had enough of that type of discussion and will either do it or not. But there is one thing I do want to mention with regard to time and how it impacts us all.

We cannot control the passing of time. It will happen regardless of anything we do. I know that seems pretty obvious, but what is very sad is how most of us will develop a dream and slowly watch the years pass by without ever seeing it fulfilled. We should recognize how essential it is to take the first step toward that dream no matter what the circumstances may be in our life. If you don’t, time will take you hostage, and you will someday reflect on the past and say those familiar words, “If I had only…”

Consider the following example to illustrate my point. I have an elderly friend whom I have known my entire life. This lady is very active in her church. During the last 30 plus years, she has become a recognized Lay minister/leader in her home church as well as the community in which she lives. About 15 years ago, we were discussing life’s events and she mentioned to me that if she could do it all over again she would go to Seminary and become an Ordained Minister. I suggested that she do it now. Her response was very typical, “Oh, I can’t do that now, I’m too old.” At the time she was 60 years of age. She could have gone to school for 6 years, obtained her degree, and today she could have been living her dream for 10 years, with many more to come. Instead, she is still doing what she was doing 15 years ago, and continuing to reflect on, “If I had only…”

My friend is not unhappy with her achievements, and in fact, can be very proud of who she is and what she has given to her community. The difference is the dream.

She could have made her dream come true if she had not let her circumstance convince her that it was too late. Time will continue to pass no matter what you do. Don’t let it take you hostage. Resolve to take that first step to achieving your dream, then look back and say,”I’m glad I did that.”

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