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Learning to Learn

Posted in Personal Growth by Rick on the September 15th, 2006

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to listen in on a “Cyber Call”, an informational conference call on the topic of Blogging and Pod Casting. At first the topic did not roll my socks up and down, as I had always associated Blogging and Pod Casting as something young people did when they wanted to download MP3 music or gossip with their friends.

What an eye opening experience that call was. Since then I have had the chance to look at some very good Blogging sites and hear some interesting pod casts, all of which were not even close to my stereo typed vision of what I had previously expected. As you can see, I have joined the ranks of Blogging only a few days later, and have a vision for Pod Casting in the near future.

I want to give credit to my new friend and colleague, Barry Lynch of the Rotten Pickle, for pushing me out of my box and bringing me to the realization that one never becomes too old to learn and experience something new.

I have over 35 years of business experience, and as a consultant, I sometimes forget that I don’t know everything!! What a valuable lesson that is for us all to understand. As Barry put it, while I was speaking 1 on 1 with him last night, “Every now and then you have to step out of the box, but most people don’t even know they are in a box!”

Thanks Barry, I look forward to working with you and exchanging ideas on business.

Checkout Barry’s Web Site, Blogging Site, and Pod Casting Site. Let him know you found him at my site, he will appreciate it.

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  1. Barry Lynch said, on September 17th, 2006 at 10:35 am


    Glad you liked the cybercall last week on Podcasting and Blogging. One often wonders if anyone listens on the cybercalls – but now I know they do. Thank you for the kudos – I appreciate it. But you should also be congratulated on taking the step to try something new. I’ll be dropping in from time to time and leaving my comments. Best of luck!!

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